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Joseph, the eldest son of Roland was my Great-great-great-great-great-
grandfather. I am more interested in him and his descendants of course.
Joseph was born in Caswell Co. NC on December 12, 1762. When he was
sixteen years old he enlisted in the Patriot Army. He fought in some
capacity until the end of the war. The records of the pension department
show that he enlisted four different times for a three month term in the
regular organized Continental Army. The first time was December 16th,
1778, again in November of 1780, again in 1781, and again in July of 1781.
The Torries were so strong in that community that he could not return to
his home when the term expired, so he attached himself to the army of
General Marion, and was with him in his raids against the enemy at all
times when not serving in the Continental Army. He was never at home from
the time of his first enlistment to the end of the war. He endured great
hardships especially while with General Marion's Forces. They had no
regular government supplies, and had to exist on the returns of the raids
against the enemy and voluntary contributions of the neighboring patriots.

They were not strong enough to fight a regular battle with the enemy.
They made raids against the enemy and then fled to the swamps when the
enemy was too strong for them. The British seldom tried to follow them
into the swamps, so they were usually safe when they got there. The Enemy
feared the quick raids of "The Swamp Fox" as they called him, more than
they did of the regular forces. He fought in the battle of Guilford 
Court House, Eutah Springs, and many small engagements besides the many
raids against the enemy. At the end of the war he returned to his home.
Soon after the war he married a girl 7 years his senior, Henrietta
Browning, a neighbor girl. They lived several years on a farm in Virginia
and then moved to Tennessee settling on a farm in Sumner County. There
they remained until Joseph was seventy years old. In 1832 the sold their
land. He, his aged wife, one son and his family, and one daughter and
her family started out for Posey County Indiana, where his son Samuel
and many other relatives had lived since 1817. They had several wagons 
in their caravan, and the older people rode in a covered carriage. When
almost to their destination, and near their son's home, the carriage 
in which the older people were riding overturned while fording the Barrs
Creek just south of Cynthiana. The folks were thrown in the water. They
were rescued very quickly and carried to the banks. Every attention was
given to them but the shock and the chill was too much for Henrietta and
she died in just a few minutes. Joseph was not injured, but they took the
body of his beloved wife to their son Samuel's home. They later laid
her to rest in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetary donated by their son Samuel
McReynolds for the Church and Cemetary. Henrietta was about seventy-seven
years old at the time of her death. She and her husband had for many
years been members of the Prebyterian Church. They both died strong in 
their faith and devotion.

Edward, the son of Joseph and Henrietta was married and had one son when
they migrated to Posey County with his parents in 1832 from Sumner County
Tennessee. They settled on a farm in Posey County. They had four sons that
I know of. They were Joseph, Peter, Robert, and Edmund. Joseph the eldest
was born April 19th, 1807 in Tennessee. He married Elizabeth Blookworth
and they had a farm about 2 miles southwest of Cynthiana. They lived
there their entire life. They were first Methodist, but during the civil
war became dissatisfied with the church for political reasons and joined
the Primative Baptist Church. Most of their descendants still adhere to
that faith. In politics, Joseph was a stanch democrat. He died June 11th,
1877, and his widow Elizabeth died October 26th, 1892. They raised a
large family. There was Melvina, Alfred, Sarah, Edward, William, Wesley,
Pauline, Thomas, Berry, Joseph, Martha Ellen, and two other daughters whose
names I don't have, but they married Thomas and George Lowe who were
brothers. Thomas Lowe and his wife were the parents of two girls and three
sons. William the eldest was a merchant in Wadesville for a number of
years. He married a Miss Anderson. Joseph N. Lowe never married. He and
his sister Susan lived in Cynthiana for several years. Andrew the youngest
son was married, but I know nothing of his family, and I am unable to give
any account of the family of George Lowe.
Melvina, the oldest daughter of JOseph and Elizabeth married Harrison
Williams. They had a farm adjoining her father's farm. They were very
successful as farmers and were honored citizens of the County. Mr. Williams
was a Democrat and a member of the Primative Baptist Church. They also
raised a large family. Elizabeth Ann, Mary, Lydia, Mina, and Joseph were
their children. Elizabeth Ann married Albert Clements, who was the first
harness maker in Cynthiana and later owned and operated a tile factory
in the same town. They had one son, Herdis F. Clements. The parents both
died while Herdis was a small boy, and his Grandmother Williams raised
him. Herdis completed his schooling in Cynthiana and later went to
Valparsio University. He also taught school for 3 or 4 years and when 
barely 21 was appointed postmaster at Cynthiana during Clevland's second
Administration. While Postmaster he began to study law and later went
to Indiana University. For a time he was one of the instructors at the 
university. He then began his practice in Mt. Vernon, Indiana where he
built up a fine pracice and was later elected judge of the Posey County
Courts. He was considered one of the best jurists in that part of the
states. He was a member of the Primative Baptist Church and a democrat
in politics. He married Miss Fanny French when he was quite young. She
was a teacher in the Posey Couty Schools. They were the parents of 
Frederick, French, Elizabeth, and Mary. Fred was a graduate of the
Rush Medical School, a very successful specialist in the city of
Evansville, and a member of the State Senate. Elizabeth was a teacher
in the public schools. Mary the youngest married a Mr. Page, a teacher
in the public schools.

Our Scotish Ancestors McReynolds

Samuel McReynolds


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